“I had back surgery in 1979. I was afraid of these doctors then if I knew then what I know now I wouldn’t have surgery except surgery helped me then. Dr. Kreinbrook sure is a great doctor.”

– Bev

“When I first started coming to Doc I was having extreme pain in my lower back and hips. As a competitive powerlifter, I was experiencing problems in my training due to the pain.  I’d always gone to a chiropractor but on an irregular basis.  With Doc, he took thorough x-rays, diagnosed my problem and discussed in detail his plan of action to correct the problem. Dr. Kreinbrook has always been straight with me and has helped me tremendously.  Because of his chiropractic care, I am still able to compete on a National level and continue to improve my lifts.  I am a firm believer in chiropractic are and consider Doc to be hands down “the best” in the area.  Thanks for everything!”

– David

“I had carpal tunnel syndrome, I would wake up in the morning and could not use my hand. When I curled my hair, used the phone or wrote a letter my hand would get numb.  I sew a lot and that was getting very painful.  My mother and 2 of my sister-in-laws had the surgery for carpal tunnel and did not want to get it done.  I have 3 kids and didn’t want to lose use of my hand for the recovery period.  I went to Dr. Kreinbrook and my hands never fall asleep or go numb anymore.  He saved me from going through painful surgery and a long recovery.”

– Corin

“My 9 year old had ulcerative colitis for 5 years. He was diagnosed at 4 years.  He had uncontrollable diarrhea.  At first we though he wasn’t potty trained yet.  Then when the blood started, he went through lots of tests.  The doctors sent us to Pittsburgh.  We went there for 5 years every couple months.  Toward the end he was on 7 pills a day and an enema every other day.  Imagine a nine year old boy taking Medicine, enemas and dealing with diarrhea in school, sled riding or taking walks or trips.  He started going to Dr. Kreinbrook 4 months ago.  The doctors did a colonoscopy and said he is in remission. He is now medicine free.”

– Corin (son Mike)

“My 3 year old had ear infections all her life. She had fevers and was up lots of nights crying.  She had tubes in and they were out in a year.  She started having infections again, this time it was stronger and stronger antibiotics.  The doctor said she would need tubes again.   She would hold on my legs and cry in the day and wouldn’t sleep well at night.  I would hold her a lot of the day.  I didn’t want to put her through getting tubes again.  So I brought her to Dr. Kreinbrook.  He was my last hope.  Every since her very first treatment, she has not had a drop of medicine or any more ear infections.  She sleeps during the night and plays in the day.  Dr. Kreinbrook has changed the life of my daughter and my life and my son.  If you have any problems, just give Dr. Kreinbrook a try.”

– Corin (daughter Jessica)

“Hi my name is Laurie and since I’ve been seeing Dr. Kreinbrook I feel much better than I did.  When I first came to Dr. Kreinbrook I had terrible pain shooting down my left leg.  It made it almost impossible to walk, sit or every stand. Being a mother of small children that kind of pain is not something you can just forget about and keep going.  Dr. Kreinbrook had been working on my back for about a month now.  Since my first visit I have been able to do the many things I couldn’t do when I was in pain.  Dr. Kreinbrook also works on my neck.  I had previously suffered from migraine headaches.  Since Dr. Kreinbrook has worked on my neck I have only suffered one migraine headache.   Dr. Kreinbrook has currently started working on my shoulder.  In May of last year I broke my collar bone.  Since that time I have had pain, tingling and numbness of my arm.  The doctor I was going to wanted to operate.  I told Dr. Kreinbrook about sometimes losing all feeling in my arm.  He checked and found that it’s not the collarbone causing trouble, it’s my shoulder blade.  Since starting to work on my shoulder I experience little pain, numbness or tingling.  Without the help and knowledge of Dr. Kreinbrook I would be in pain and very miserable.  In my personal opinion chiropractic care is the best thing that ever happened to me.  Thank you very much, Dr. Kreinbrook.”

– Laurie